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Baby Easton

OK guys – I am going to put a DISCLAIMER out there. If you know me well, you know I have severe allergies to dogs and cats and therefore, I normally do not allow pets in the studio. When Easton’s parents asked about bringing their dog, they were very understanding and we made some special arrangements for these pictures to be taken. I’m pretty sure they will cherish these pictures forever though – and if you look through his pictures you will see just how awesome Easton did. And yes, he is the “Got Milk” baby! 🙂

And just an FYI – these pictures were taken in complete safety with Mom/Dad’s hands supporting Easton at all times (yes, even the tractor shot)  and the use of Photoshop after! 🙂

Grady and Brylee

September was a VERY busy month with newborns and I was honored to start it off with these precious twins, Grady and Brylee! As many newborns as I photograph, twins can still make me a little nervous but these two quickly eased my worries! They were so content and ROCKED their session!!

They have since been back for their 4 month session and if you look through my “2013 – Year in Review” post, you will see them in their OH-IO shirts!

Baby Carter

We had so much fun during Carter’s newborn session! His Dad is a big comic and superhero fan and we wanted to showcase that – but little did we know just how many giggles we would get out of it! Carter looked so darn cute as Yodo (and Batman) and he didn’t have a care in the world! 🙂

Baby Kendall

I had a really hard time choosing which pictures of Kendall to even show you! Seriously, they were all just as perfect as she is! She was awake for just a short time, but otherwise slept like an angel and did everything we wanted her to (even wearing the duck headband and tutu)! The pictures with her Mommy and Daddy are so breathtaking – you can see just how in love they are with her! ♥ ♥

Baby Ryder

This handsome little guy was born at Van Wert County Hospital while I was on a summer vacation, so when I returned he came to visit me at the studio for a few pictures! He was wide awake at first and we captured these amazing pictures with his eyes open! Then he fell asleep and we were able to get the most touching images of him with his Daddy  – you’ll remember the next picture when you see it!